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OPYUM challenges traditional notions of exhibition and offers new possibilities to engage visitors, convey ideas and preserve intangible heritage. By embracing technology, storytelling and participatory approaches, striving to create dynamic and engaging experiences that go beyond the limitations of physical objects, the selected pieces will be exhibited in an immersive and engaging presentation, inviting viewers to reflect on the value of what we cannot see, touch or taste but that shapes our collective identity.


Through the radical treatment of their bodies, the performers become transmitters. Through its bodily actions, protesting against a world where everything is anesthetized, the wound is the memory of the body, the memory of its fragility, its pain, and therefore the certainty of its existence. Performance Art can, from this point of view, be of great help. Indeed, where information, analyses, and scientific knowledge only reach us in an abstract, disembodied way, artists give shape to worlds and situations which, even if they are completely fanciful, are offered to our bodies and our minds as concrete spaces of investment.


62 rue de Turenne 75003 PARIS, 


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