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Pioneering performance artist Franko B @franko_b_artist presents the UK tour of his new work I’m Here, commencing July 2021. Using innovative body mapping techniques, in collaboration with Anthony Martin @anthony_fp from a/political @apoliticalorg Franko B revisits his seminal bloodletting works for the first time in the artist's practice. Each cut challenging the audience to confront their own history, a global history of war, abandonment, homophobia, freedom, displacement, famine and sex.

“Every day I’m trying to make sense of my extended time here. The past is part of our present. It never left us but is evolving rather than repeating; it is continuing to allow us to make the same mistakes. I believe this is valid for both the personal and the political. I'm Here is trying to express these two connected worlds. It doesn’t revisit the past romantically or melancholically in the context of our political and social histories but questions and reinterprets it.” – Franko B


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