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Shalva Nikvashvili

My name is Shalva Nikvashvili. I was born in Georgia, on July 22, 1990. It was a hot Georgian summer day, when my mother gave birth to me in Sighnaghi (a town located in the eastern part of Georgia). She had difficulties while giving birth and they thought I would not survive but somehow I did. They had kept me for several days in intensive care. My mother could not have any physical contact with me, which consequently resulted in me refusing to be breastfed. Back then, my grandmother had a cow; her name was Martha and apparently, she became a replacement for my Mother, she was my food supplier.

MY EX HUSBAND RAPE ME! GOVERNMENT RAPED ME! DO YOU ALSO WANT TO RAPE ME? Shalva’s art forms a constant commentary on the freedom we have to choose our own identities, using his masks to manifest memories, emotions and stereotypical aspects of society’s personality traits to turn them into their own characters. Made from unconventional materials such as raw meat, electrical cables, clothing, leather, hair and rocks, Nikvashvili’s masks are powerful and provocative. 

single channel video 30'34" Music by Kristapapista

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