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NIDIA ARANHA, ORDENHA Launch in June 2023

60,00 €Prix

Nidia Aranha is a transexual visual artist, researcher and artistic director from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“My artistic conception explores experimental and clandestine scientific methodologies: the shaping of what one might call transvestite technology. Steeped in gender disobedience and substantial medical hegemonic protocols. I resorted to biological hacking procedures.”

In ordenha 002 It is proposed the insertion of a Trans organism in a mechanical milking circuit in cattle breeding. Adopting the idea of a productive being, the sign of lactation is presented in the hyper capitalist logic of the mercantile body and in the dehumanized relations of the dairy cow and my body within the same extractive chain. Doing an in-depth study of the hormonal regime and the mechanisms of extraction betrays a speciesist relationship, which lives in the hegemonic inconsistency over the species of the cis human. The synthetically induced guideline in the elaboration of transvestite corporeality, its history of sexual exploitation and deprivation of their humanity is directly linked to the ceremonial protocols of the dairy chain and relationships that deprive women of safety.

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