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We are seeking artworks that capture the essence of this invisible patrimony and reflect on the importance of its transmission. Art is not simply an object or a creation; it is an integral part of our cultural heritage, intrinsic to our identity as human beings. It is a reflection of our history, our emotions, and our imagination. Throughout the ages, art has played a vital role in shaping societies and transmitting the legacy of civilizations. 


Opyum Festival is a non-profit organization platform to support independent artists and performers, working with digital media and live performance founded by the artists Danylo Ferreira and Bryan Courtois.

OPYUM challenges the traditional notion of exhibition as a physical space housing tangible artifacts. Instead, it shifts the focus to intangible aspects, such as ideas, experiences, and stories.

Our inaugural Opyum edition in 2019 highlighted those artists around the world who have embraced performance as a means of articulating cultural or ethnic differences and participating in the broader debate of international culture in the age of everything media.


By challenging the viewer to redefine the concept of inheritance. It urges us to recognize that what is truly valuable extends beyond material possessions. Our heritage is built upon the meaningful connections we forge, the knowledge we pass on, and the experiences we share. By shedding light on these intangible aspects of inheritance, the performance serves as a catalyst for introspection, encouraging us to reconsider the legacies we leave behind.


62 rue de Turenne 75003 PARIS, 


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