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OPYUM sans fond.png


This video is part of the Maculate Ep 2 released in August 2021, which is the second half of the Immaculate EP 1 released in February 2021. Maculate meaning ‘spoiled or stained’ is our inverse humor, sense of absurdity and peroutloo towards taste and purity. This work seeks to unravel good taste, while adhering to beauty however wild and uncomfortable. This works explores the idea that there is no perfection and there is no ‘filth’ or imperfection in the quixotic free space of the artist practice.

WICKED GAME video, part of the Maculate EP2 released August 2021 via DMY Artists (UK) All digital and analog visual work and real life objects made by Katherine Mills Rymer and all music instrumentation, arrangement and production by Jens Bjornkjaer. Vocals sung by Katherine Mills Rymer.


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